Here you can find the list with different topics for your research paper. Franz Hölker (IGB, Verlust der Nacht), Rupert Palme (Vet. Studies conducted in our group include correlative studies or manipulative experiments in the laboratory or field and provide a detailed understanding of mechanisms and patterns in ecology. Ecology of host-parasite interactions. Read news articles on coral bleaching, deforestation and wetland ecology. PDF, Klemme, I., Ylönen, H., Eccard, J. Main research Effects of mass-flowering crops on reproductive success, abundnace and … There are other faculty members who will be recruiting students in the Department. A., Ylönen, H. 2006. : +49 331 977-1914 (Secretary) Fax: +49 331 977-1977 E-Mail:tieroekologiereturnAt();uni-potsdamreturnDot();de, ImprintData Protection DeclarationAccessibility, Bundesinitiative KlischeefreiCode of ConductExzellente LehreHRK-Audit & HRK-Re-AuditSystemakkreditierungTotal E-Quality, Netzwerk StudienorientierungScholars at Risk NetworkScholars at RiskEUA EDUC CONAHEC, Dates and DeadlinesPressJobs and VacanciesUNIshopCourse CatalogueCentral Addresses and Maps, Print Save as Bookmark function add_favorite( a ) { title = document.title; url = document.location; try { /* Internet Explorer */ window.external.AddFavorite( url, title ); } catch (e) { try { /* Mozilla */ window.sidebar.addPanel( title, url, "" ); } catch (e) { /* Opera */ if( typeof( opera ) == "object" ) { a.rel = "sidebar"; a.title = title; a.url = url; return true; } else { /* Unknown */ alert('Press ' + (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('mac') != - 1 ? Animal and Network Ecology. A., Ylönen, H. 2002. 'Command/Cmd' : 'CTRL') + ' + D to bookmark this page. Exemplar Research Questions. 2011. Physiological Ecology. Oecologia 157(4): 725-734. Eccard, J. Modish project is an organization aimed at facilitating students with their various research thesis materials, and also provide them with effective solutions in other academic concerns.Rely on us for a stress-free research project work, A-class academic materials, and easy guides through the course of your academic programme. 17. The research focus ‘landscape ecology’ studies the effects of landscape composition and configuration pattern on patterns of faunal biodiversity and associated ecosystem functions. A cactus in the middle of the desert, for example, draws nourishment from the air and from the ground. Unterhalb der Hauptnavigation befindet sich der Inhaltsbereich. An experimental study of fitness costs of interspecific competition in voles. In seasonal environments populations of short lived animals can experience a reproductive season with multivoltine reproduction and a non-reproductive season. Animal ecology. Oecologia 185: 81-94., Klemme I, Bäumer J, Eccard J A and Ylönen H (2014), Polyandrous females produce sons that are successful at post-copulatory competition. Web Courses | A., Jacob, J. Liesenjohann M., Barber A., Eccard, J. Candida Medicine & Life Sciences. Surviving the harsh non-breeding season, entering breeding condition, and establishing a territory at the optimal time are important factors in determining subsequent breeding success. Ecology, 84(6): 1147-1152. PDF, Eccard, J. Animal Cognition, 13(6): 783-91. Experiments with common voles (Microtus arvalis) using different corridor widths. In populations with predictiable density fluctuations we propose these allow for the parallel existance of highly fecund, short-lived, bold, aggressive and highly dispersive ‘fast’ types at one end of the POLS, and less fecund, long-lived, cautious, shy, plastic and socially responsive ‘slow’ types at the other. : +49 331 977-1920 (Secretary) Fax: +49 331 977-1977 E-Mail: jennkaminski uni-potsdam de Imprint Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, 60(3): 350-358. 10.32942/ Does spatial learning ability of common voles (Microtus arvalis) and bank voles (Myodes glareolus) constrain foraging efficiency? Seasonal variation in the behaviour of a short-lived rodent. PDF, Eccard, J. Here we investigate, whether different behavioural syndromes are selected during summer and winter, or, alternatively, behavioural symptoms plastic, and is photoperiod triggering the fitness-enhancing behavioural syndromes in small mammals? No organism exists entirely independently of other living and nonliving things around it. Animal behavioral ecology. Do female bank voles mate multiply to improve on prevoius mates? 2008. A., Ylönen, H. 2007. A., Ylönen, H. 2011. Colchester Zoo’s research includes both animal-based studies and visitor studies. DFG: Reprodictione behaviour under predation risk: Do mothers trade-off safety of their nestlings against future reproduction? Therefore, mull over the 20 topics above, pick one, narrow it down, and research to your heart’s content to create a great research essay on animal behavioral ecology. Variable mode of estrus affects female decision for multiple mating. soil Earth & Environmental Sciences. Animal Behaviour, 73(4): 623-628. University of Potsdam Animal Ecology Maulbeerallee 1 14469 Potsdam. Death is a natural part of ecosystems. The study of relationships between organisms and their environments. Devise a marketing strategy for an eco-friendly product of your choice. Environment and Plant Ecology; Easy Biology Research Topics. University of Potsdam, Leibniz Institut for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Landscape Research, Heim O, Schröder A, Eccard JA, Jung K, Voig C (2016) Seasonal activity patterns of European bats above intensively used farmland. Within the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB), current research covers two major priority areas: plant-animal interactions and coral disease ecology. Weasels' (Mustela nivalis nivalis) preference for olfactory cues of the vole (Clethrionomys glareolus). Please activate JavaScript to use the whole functionality of this website! Comparing such results may shed light on whether our understanding of some topics in disease ecology are driven primarily by research arising from particular animal taxa (e.g., specific mammal taxa, or specific classes of vertebrates), or from particular systems (terrestrial versus aquatic, managed versus protected versus wild). No publisher 2013-10-04T12:26:07Z Folder JournalofAnimalEcology, 76(1): 65-71. This list is not exhaustive – indeed, far from it. Rechts daneben kann sich ein weiteres Bild/Schriftzug befinden. In der rechten Spalte finden Sie ueblicherweise Kontaktdaten. vor Sie sind hier Exemplar Research Questions. DFG: Muster und Konsequenzen individueller Risikolandschaften (Dammhahn 2017-21), BMBF: Bridgeing in Biodiversity Science (Rural- Urban coupling, u.a. DOI:10.1111/eth.12420, Liesenjohann T, Liesenjohann M, Trebaticka L, Sundell J, Haapakoski M, Ylönen H, Eccard JA (2015) State-dependent foraging: lactating voles adjust their foraging behavior according to the presence of a potential nest predator and season. In a second step, an experimental approach will be taken in which the variation in behavioural types will be manipulated to assess its influence on the coexistence of the study species. A., Pusenius, J., Sundell, J., Ylönen, H., Halle, S. 2008. Explore the latest full-text research PDFs, articles, conference papers, preprints and more on ANIMAL ECOLOGY. 69(5): 747–754. J. Whether severe fire is good or bad for spotted owls will influence how some forests are managed for fire risk. 16. Behav Ecol Sociobiol. Ecology, or ecological science, is the branch of biology that studies the relationship of plants and animals to their physical and biological environment. Natural Disease Resistance in Plants. A. (Pauline Lange, Masterarbeit), Slow explorers get further: An ecological validation of individual differences in exploratory behaviour in the bank vole  (Sophie Eden, Masterarbeit), Phenotypic plasticity in life history and personality (Antje Herde, PhD 2010-2015), Consistent individual differences in social behaviour of bank voles (Katharina Hurtienne, Masterarbeit), Is personality connected with risk behaviour, activity range and survival in the wild  (Remco Folkertsma, Masterarbeit), Indiviudual behaviour in common voles (Linda Jaworski, Masterarbeit), Age and sex specific differences in personality in common voles (Florian Spiegel, Diplomarbeit), Individuality and behaviour of small mammals: Interactions (Sebastian Spiegel, Diplomarbeit), The influende of personality, population density and weather on capturing success of common voles (Beatrice Kreiner, Masterarbeit), Antipredatory response of different vole species to a virtual bird of prey (Stephanie Niemeier, Masterarbeit; Stefanie Brandes, Bachelorarbeit), Reprodictione behaviour under predation risk: Do mothers trade-off safety of their nestlings against future reproduction? 14. Though this is a good example, we know that you can do much better. Although evolutionary responses to climate change are thought to be widespread, so far there is little evidence in mammals. A., Klemme, I., Horne, T., Ylönen, H. 2002. Furthermore fitness proxies will be measured. Founded in 1932, Journal of Animal Ecology publishes original research papers on all aspects of animal ecology; specifically those that make substantial contributions to our understanding of animal ecology as well as offering insights into issues of general interest to ecologists. The movement of organisms affects biodiversity affects movement affects biodiversity. Plos ONE, D-14-56977R2, Imholt, C., Reil, D., Eccard, J. Reil, D., Imholt, C., Drewes, S., Ulrich, R. G., Eccard, J. Animal protein as a constraint in spring reproduction in the bank vole? | To reveal true signatures of adaptation to climate we will be probing across a temporal, latitudinal and altitudinal gradient. Soil biodiversity includes all belowground organisms that are functioning in complex food webs fuelled by dead plant matter and living plant roots. Research in functional ecology investigates the impact of species or species communities for ecosystems processes. Its adaptive functions and its consequences on male reproductive success, however, are still not identified in most species. BMC Ecology, 13(1): 49. This pattern produces a bimodal distribution of distinct individual life histories (short-lived summer and long-lived winter animals) within genetic lineages. But it's unusual for a large number of animals to all die at once. Science, Vienna), Deutsche Bundersstiftung Umwelt (DBU, for Julia Hoffmann). FacebookTwitterXINGLinkedInYouTubeResearch Gate, University of Potsdam Animal Ecology Maulbeerallee 1 14469 Potsdam, Tel. Breeding state and season affect interspecific interaction types: indirect resource competition and direct interference. Agricultural use of our landscapes strongly affects biodiversity, animal communities, animal movement in the landscape and eco health. Abstract; Full text; PDF; References; Request permissions; Predator responses to fire: A global systematic review and meta‐analysis. Primary productivity, Food chain, etc Animal Ecology - Science topic. (Dr. Merel Breedveld, Dr. Daniela Reil), Reproductive behaviour of bank vole females as a function of infanticide risk and mating interest (Annika Schirmer, Masterarbeit; Remco Folkertsma), Trade-offs between current and future reproduction in, Forecasting rodent dynamics and zoonotic diseases, Dr. Jens Jacob (Julius Kühn Institute Münster), Prof. Dr. Rainer G. Ulrich (Friedrich Löffler Institute), Influence of repeated immune challenges on the life-span of short-lifed mammals, Influence on urban-rural gradients on blood parameters in humans and animals, Examine small rodent community in urban and rural landscapes using both AgroScapeLab and CityScapeLab (Valeria Mazza, Dr. Melanie Dammhahn), Small mammal community composition along an urbanisation gradient (Martin Steffen, Masterthesis), Personality dependent behavioural response to artificial light at night in bank voles (, The influence of different spectra of light on the activity of, Effect of artificial light on the activity and space use of small mammals (Marcus Walther, Bachelorthesis), Effect of LED garden lights on winter survival and reproduction of small mammals (Julia Hoffmann, Masterthesis), Animal movement patterns across habitats: connecting biodiversity (Gabriele Kowalski, PhD project), Effects of land use and landscape structure on distribution and prevalence of tick and lyme disease (Christiane Hönicke, PhD project), Effect of crop types and seasonality on bat activity - Ecosystem services of bats in agricultural landscapes? Tel. A. PDF, Klemme, I., Ylönen, H., Eccard, J. PLoS ONE 3(10): e3438. Season on the other hand affects animals behavior and interaction with other species. Top Headlines . (Olga Heim, PhD project), Abiotic and vegetation effect on the abundance of ticks searching for hosts (Jörg Jäger, Masterthesis), Insect diversity and biomass on different crop types (Lukas Lorenz, Masterthesis), Edge effect in bats at the hedgerow-farmland interface (Jelena Schulze, Masterthesis), Bat activity and diversity at forest-farmland interfaces (Johannes Lenski, Masterthesis), Bat activity on different crops (Assja Schröder, Masterthesis), PD Dr. Christian Voigt (Leibniz Institut for Zoo and Wildlife Research, IZW), Berlin, Prof. Dr. Boris Schröder-Esselbach (Technische Universität Braunschweig), Prof. Dr. Jasmin Joshi (Universität Potsdam), Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) Müncheberg, Consistent individual differences in movement-related behaviour (Annika Schirmer, PhD project), Interaktionen von Kleinsäugern, Grabeverhalten in Hochterrarien (Franka Schultke), Artinteraktionen bei Wühlmäusen an Futterstellen (Christin Hoffmann, Bachelorthesis), From inference to predation (Monique Liesenjohann, PhD project), DFG (Dammhahn): Consistent individuel differences in movement-related behaviour (i.e. A. The number of species in soil by far exceeds aboveground diversity, but the complex community living below our feed is still a widely neglected field of research. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 27: 457–465. 2006. Pest Management Science, Band: 71, Heft: 2, Seite(n):166-172, ISSN/ISBN: 1526-498. List Of 20 Offbeat Marine Biology Research Paper Topics Marine Biology is the study of the life in the sea; this is not limited just to the animals but also the plant life that lives in the water. DFG: Verknüpfung von Bewegungsökologie und Biodiversitätsforschung in dynamischen Agrarlandschaften (BioMove, 2015-2018), Schirmer A, Hoffmann J, Eccard JA, Dammhahn M (2020) My niche: individual spatial niche specialization affects within- and between-species interactions. linking biodiversity to ecosystem … All animal-based research undertaken in the Zoo is non-invasive and mostly conducted through observation of the animals in their captive environment. Onset of breeding depends on conspecific density and annual variation in food resources. Use this filter to quickly see our 50+ classes by category, such as "personal growth" or "sustainability." We shall assist you on time. A. Interspecific territoriality, aggressiveness, behavioural disturbance and even predation are mechanisms of interference between species, and occur in a wide range of animal communities. Foraging under uniform risk from different types of predators. Let us know if you feel, “I need to pay someone to write my dissertation topic on ecology”. Whether severe fire is good or bad for spotted owls will influence how some forests are managed for fire risk. BMCEcology 11:16 PDF, Eccard, J. Therefore in a first step the natural variation in behavioural types in both coexisting species will be quantified using already established personality tests, as well as their spatial distribution within and space use of a heterogeneous habitat assessed using capture-mark-recapture and automatic radio-tracking. vor Suche Information zum Seitenaufbau und Sprungmarken fuer Screenreader-Benutzer: Ganz oben links auf jeder Seite befindet sich das Logo der JLU, verlinkt mit der Startseite. For any iteroparous animal in a seasonal environment, the timing of breeding is of essential importance. Movement-mediated community assembly and coexistence. Therefore, it covers a broad range of scientific topics that relate to specific mechanisms (e.g. These topic labels come from the works of this organisation's members. Plant Pathology Biology Research Topics. 2010. As a result, it can be considered a specific subset of biology. Here the authors synthesize past work to identify research gaps and identify future priorities for the growing field of macroimmunology. Sundell, J., Eccard, J. References: Davies, N., Krebs, J., & West, S. (2012). How It Works Reviews About Us Essay Writing Help. The notion of animal behavior: types, activities, meaning. vertikale linke Navigationsleiste Animals  9(6), 291,, Schirmer A, Herde A, Eccard JA, Dammhahn M (2019) Individuals in space: Personality-dependent space use, movement and microhabitat use facilitate individual spatial niche spezialisation. Researchers are investigating how a mass mortality event affects what's left afterwards. PDF, Eccard, J. Here's a list of 30 amazing topics for ecology essay and research paper to write ️ about. Direkt zur Navigation Ecology Topics to Choose From . The study of relationships between organisms and their environments. Learn about recent research into biodiversity reduction and how it affects ecosystems. 2004. Research topics. The project aims at investigating the inter-individual differences in movement-related behaviours of two small mammals, how they influence the spatial behaviour of individuals and the resulting impact on individual and ecological fitness. Eccard 2015-2020), DFG: Phänotypische Plastizität im Verhalten und der Lebensgeschichte in kurzlebigen, iteroparen Säugetieren (Eccard 2010-2013), DFG (Eccard): Foraging in a risky world (2004-2010), Mazza, V, Jacob, J, Dammhahn, M, Zaccaroni, M, Eccard, JA: Individual variation in cognitive styles affects foraging and anti-predatory strategies in a small mammal. In the early 1900s, the moose of northern Minnesota were nearly exterminated due to hunting pressure and habitat loss. Conclusion 2007. Behavioral Ecology. A., Jacob, D., Hempelmann, N., Jacob, J. Research Topics; Ecology; Ecology, Behavior & Evolution: Research Topics. What are the ill consequences on the ecology of the earth if the critically endangered species gets extinct from the food chain and web? S., Eccard. Science Spotlights. Animal Behaviour, 78: 563-571. - Supplemental Calculator for paternity share: R-script, Klemme, I., Eccard, J. Soil Medicine & Life Sciences. BMC Ecology, 8:19,, Ylönen, H., Eccard, J. The animal ecology group of Prof. Wolters conducts research on the ecology of many different taxa, ranging from spiders and insects to birds, bats and rodents. Behaviour may covary with life-history trajectories. | PDF. predator-prey interactions) and basic relationships (e.g. Die Feinnavigation findet sich - sofern vorhanden - in der linken Spalte. A. A. JLU - Logo, Link zur Startseite der JLU-Gießen Here is a list of some great dissertation ideas on wildlife: The effects of tourism and roads on the ecology of the Markhor in Pakistan. The study of evolutionary and ecological factors that determine how species and ecosystems respond to a changing environment . The physical environment includes light and heat or solar radiation, moisture, wind, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients in soil, water and atmosphere. There have been three prime research targets that connect the AE research from genes to communities: Uncover the molecular mechanisms underlying adaptive evolution of … Is the antipredatory response in behaviour reflected in stress measured in faecal corticosteroids? Es folgt die Suche. predator-prey interactions) and basic relationships (e.g. Home / Research Topics / Animal ecology / Science Spotlights. mating with multiple males within one reproductive event, is now accepted to be one of the most significant female reproductive behaviours. Marine Ecology - Science topic Interested in Marine Ecological research like demersal living resources and their community structrure. BMC Ecology, 13(1): 43. Evolutionary Ecology, 17(4): 423-440. A., Fey, K., Caspers, B., Ylönen, H.  2011. Moreover, soil biodiversity affects the organisms living on the other side of the soil interface in a multitude of ways, either through nutrient supply or as herbivores, pathogens, and symbionts. : +49 331 977-1920 (Secretary) Fax: +49 331 977-1977 E-Mail: jennkaminski uni-potsdam de Imprint Oikos, 101(3): 615-623. The 3 ways the environment can counter toxic chemical compounds. The effects of avian migration patterns on the spread of disease in bird populations of the seasonal host geography. B. W. 2009. ‘Income‐breeding’ animals use resources consumed simultaneously with offspring development, whereas ‘capital‐breeding’ animals use stored resources from their own bodies. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0094107, Eccard, J. Movement Ecology, in contrast, is a more recent branch of Ecology devoted almost entirely to the analysis of animal movements in the wild. PDF. Weedy And Invasive … Plant Diseases Management by Modern Technology. The list below may help you generate your own ideas for a research … 2013. R. Soc. soil Earth & Environmental Sciences. Ecoscience, 14: 323-329. Oikos, 99(3): 580-590. (Submitted 1/18), Mazza, V, Eccard JA, Zaccaroni, M, Jacob, J, Dammhahn M: (2018) The fast and the flexible: cognitive styles drieves individual variation in cognition in a small mammal. No publisher 2013-10-04T12:26:07Z Folder Plant-Associated Microbes and Current Genomic Tools: An Extensive Research. 10.1007/s00442-008-1100-4, Liesenjohann, T., Eccard, J. The research in our working group is focussed on the role of microorganisms in the flow of matter and energy in streams and rivers, but we are working also on groundwater environments. The programme focuses on animal and plant ecology and also includes aspects of sociobiology and other topics of organismic biology. Ethology 121:1-11. Explore; Visit; Our Story; Learning; Retreats; Donate; Blog/News; Store; Contact ... Other activities will focus on conservation and research of amphibian populations […] Moose. The authors create a technique to place wild animals on the capital versus income spectrum, providing a new understanding of habitat use. Weedy Seadragon Genomics Reveal Highly Distinct Populations. A., Ylönen, H. 2007. Gábor Czirják (Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, IZW), Leibniz Institut for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW), Technische Universität Berlin, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF). Animal Ecology | 4th Grade - Adult | Evening 1 hrs | Easy . Bacteria and other microorganisms in these environments are regarded not only as the main mineralisers of organic matter but also as important food resource for higher trophic levels. B 287: 20192211. Mechanisms, however, are poorly understood and may include mobile linkers and equalizing-stability mechanisms. An introduction to behavioural ecology. The course is based on the book "Measuring Behaviour. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0003438, Eccard, J. Behavioral Ecology. Kowalski GJ, Grimm V, Herde A, Guenther A, Eccard JA (2019) Does animal personality affect movement in habitat corridors? Research Techniques in Animal Ecology is an overarching account of central theoretical and methodological controversies in the field, rather than a handbook on the minutiae of techniques. Why do female bank vole, Clethrionomys glareolus, mate multiply? A., Herde, A. A., Jokinen, I. E., Sundell, J. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Policies of agricultural production affected by animal behavior. Home / Research Topics / Animal ecology / Science Spotlights. PLoS ONE 9(5): e94107. JLU - Logo, Link zur Startseite der JLU-Gießen, vor rechter Kolumne mit zusaetzlichen Informationen. Pick one of the following complex ecology topics for research paper and start writing: Analyze the damage caused by non-indigenous species in the United States. Unterhalb dieser oberen Leiste schliesst sich die Hauptnavigation an. Biodiversity. We developed methods to enhance recruitment of corals ex situ in the laboratory and to restore damaged reefs. The endocrinological basis of variation in reproduction and cooperative behaviour in cooperative breeders. PDF, Ylönen, H., Eccard, J. Oligochaeta Medicine & Life Sciences. Topics within the field can range broadly, so your choices of topics are practically endless! The research focus ‘landscape ecology’ studies the effects of landscape composition and configuration pattern on patterns of faunal biodiversity and associated ecosystem functions. We hypothesize, that for distinct life history patterns also different behavioural syndromes are fitness increasing: summer animals should be bold, competitive, and aggressive to overcome competition with conspecifics, while winter animals should be shy, social and careful to save energy and avoid predation.